I have learned to say YES to having a partnership with life – with MY life. My primary relationship is the one I have with myself. On the other side of my eyeballs, past my thinking mind, deep down into my inner core I find my desires; my truths. Over many years, I have learned to go in & see what is there & what may be blocking these truths from my view.

Happy spoon

Like us, the happy spoon has a certain perspective it sees life through

I thought that life happened TO me. What if life happens FOR me?
When I focus on all of the GOOD that is happening in my life, the GOOD becomes GREATER. What if the opposite is true?
I am talented at seeing what is MISSING! Well…that is what I need to GIVE MORE OF!
If I NEED more love, I have to GIVE more love.
If I NEED more money, I have to CIRCULATE more money.
IF I NEED to be SEEN & HEARD, then it is time to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.