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I am trained as a stone lithographer & I love printmaking but have not printed anything in a long time. For 30 years I sold paper & printing in the graphics arts industry in San Francisco & met many creative people. I had a show of my artwork in 1995 in San Francisco; work I had done with pastels & beads, fueled by a painful breakup. I became aware that I was on a spiritual path in 1990 & have studied Buddhism, Christianity & New Thought Ageless Wisdom teachings. I love to learn & then teach what I learn & I love to serve. As I have learned to "go within" for my own answers to life's questions, I find I enjoy helping others do the same. My perspective & life experience & teachings I have had qualify me to create a safe & loving space for another being to explore in. This is where Life Supports You comes in. As I learn to train my mind to be in gratitude; to come from a base of Love rather than fear - I see clearly that I am supported by life in all ways. I am now coaching others to see their life this way by providing Life Path Coaching sessions.

I Love Being Me

I love being me

I Love Being Me

Bumper sticker fits, so I will own it.

Today I found a bumper sticker that says I LOVE BEING ME. It was in a box marked “Ann’s Vision” on a shelf, in the garage. I grabbed it & brought it inside. Then made a little video of myself. Click here for video. I noticed that I felt a bit embarrassed talking about how I love myself. Isn’t that interesting?