Experience life from an inner resilient zone no matter what happens in your outer life.

Life Supports You is a loving space created for our Intuitive Life Path Coaching session. Starting with your birthdate, I use the Divine Lens intuitive coaching method developed by Master Intuitive Sue Frederick to create your reading. This method includes basic numerology, meditation, intuition & prayer.

Together we look at your life from birth to the present to illuminate patterns in the 9-year life cycles that have developed your current way of thinking. These beliefs & thoughts created barriers to your own inner truths that you long to discover. Once these barriers are excavated, you have a fresh perspective & can finally ask the right questions of life, so that you can get your specific answers & see clearly why you are here & what your purpose is.

We develop baby steps that launch you into a more conscious lifestyle that generates support of your mind, body & spirit. A follow-up phone conversation helps anchor your commitment to your own well-being & reminds you of the core qualities you are here to share with the world. Sharing the many resources that I have used for matters of career, family, grief, health & spirituality are part of the community spirit of Life Supports You.

  • You have had a loved one transition from life & you wonder why you are still here or what to do next
  • You are in relationship with a life partner, family member, boss or friend & feel desperate or angry
  • You are sick & tired of your job or your lot in life & can’t see a way to change
  • You have none of these issues but you know there is something you need to figure out
  • You keep hitting up against barriers or find you continually sabotage yourself

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